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What is JMD Online Homeschool?

Welcome to Online JMD Homeschool !!


Dear Parents and Studentsm
Welcome to Online JMD Homeschool!!!
Established in January 2012, JMD Homeschool is a G7 – G12 school located in New Jesery. JMD Homeschool offers the same Common Core Standards of California and offers College Board’s Advanced Placement system. JMD Homeschool provides a holistic education that stresses academic excellence, social participation, and intellectual challenges to become leaders of the global world. We are a member of HSLDA (5910003). Because of COVID-19, JMD Homeschool now operates Online for the safety of our children. However, we will provide full support to our students and parents.

Talented Students will Become True Leaders of the World.

Talented Students have Their Obligations to Develop the World.

JMD Homeschool empowers students to have their second mother language so that they could exploit their minds with different languages in academia. Since the turn of the century, the academic fields have been developing so fast that they are all mingled. Therefore, interdisciplinary programs became crucial for the academia. JMD homeschool puts the most stress on the creative interdisciplinary programs using different languages so that our students could develop new fields and technologies in different countries regardless of the languages. Acquiring language skills are necessary to exploit their minds; therefore, building the fundamental knowledge structure on languages is the most critical at a young age.

Admissions Process

  • Online Counseling for JMD Homeschool
  • Admission Test
  • JMD Homeschool uses MAP Growth Test as the admission test. Students need to take Reading and Language Usage tests.
  • Confirmation of Admissions
  • Parents and students will need to wait for the acceptance letter.
  • Registration and Textbooks
  • Students need to register for their classes and purchase textbooks before the school starts.

  • * For the School Profile, please see B.B.