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About JMD Online Homeschool

JMD Online Homeschool? / Who we are?

JMD Homeschool is reconized by Home School Leagal Defense Association (HSLDA) Established in January 2012, JMD Homeschool is a G7 – G12 school located in Seoul, Republic of Korea. JMD Homeschool is a member of Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA). JMD Homeschool offers the same Common Core Standards of California and offers College Board’s Advanced Placement system so that students are in a very demanding and challenging environment for them to get ready for prestigious universities throughout the world. We mainly focus on sending student to the United States; however, we were successful sending students to other countries as well. In fact, all universities where students previously applied did not required JMD Homeschool to provide any extra authentication materials. JMD Homeschool provides a holistic education that stresses academic excellence, social participation, and intellectual challenges to become leaders of the global world.

Due to COVID-19, JMD Homeschool is Online. When the situation gets better JMD Homeschool will come back to Offline.
JMD Homeschool has live online classes, and they are 1:1 private lessons.


English Language Arts

Grade 7: Fiction & Nonfication
Grade 8: Fiction & Nonfiction
Grade 9: English Fundamentals
Grade 10: World Literature,
English 11: American Literature
English 12: British Literature, AP English Languaeg, AP English Literature


Grade 7: Pre-Algebra
Grade 8: Algebra I
Grade 9: Algebra II
Grade 10: Geometry
Grade 11: Pre-Calculus or Calculus,
Grade 12: AP Calculus AB/BC, AP Statistics


Grade 7: Life Science
Grade 8: Physical Science
Grade 9: Biology
Grade 10: Chemistry
Grade 11: AP Biology or AP Chemistry,
Grade 12: Physics or AP Physics, AP Environmental Science

Social Studies

Grade 7: MS World History
Grade 8: MS U.S. History
Grade 9: World Culture
Grade 10: World History or AP World History,
Grade 11: US History or AP US History
Grade 12: American Government or AP Economics

Foreign Language

Grade 7: MS Chinese 1
Grade 8: MS Chinese 2
Grade 9: Chinese 1
Grade 10: Chinese 2
Grade 11: Chinese 3,
Grade 12: Chinese 4 or AP Chinese

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