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JMD Counseling’s Philosophy is “Sharing Lives with Students.”

JMD Counseling believes counseling is like sharing life stories. Counselors need to build up relationships with students guiding through the lives of “our” students. Building up the “right” profile for students determines acceptance; therefore, JMD Counseling searches students’ potentials rather than “numbers and activities.” JMD counselors provide the best advice to students so that they can achieve their goals and dreams.

We are counselors, not consultants. The difference between counseling and consulting is the environment. We are not a business entity where a “profit” is a goal. As counselors, we take care of our students like a school setting rather than a business milieu. We care about our students’ lives so that we could provide better counselings for their wants and needs. We assist our students in setting their goals, finding their desires, and making their dreams come true. In other words, “everything is possible.”

College Application Counseling Process


The Basic Process

1. Input Student Information
2. Test Student's Scholastic Ability Assessment (SSAA)
3. Build Resume
4. Counsel Students & Parents

College Major Counseling


Students need to choose their majors before they apply. Of course, they could choose “undeclared” as their Major choice; however, it would be wise to choose their Majors because they need to write an essay that portraits their desired goals and outcomes while attending a college. Even though there are a myriad of reasons for attending college, the ultimate goal is to get ideal careers. Therefore, understanding different Majors and their related careers would be the core of the Major Counseling. In fact, students could choose their extracurricular activities according to their desired Majors.

College List Counseling


How Do I Choose My College? There are many colleges. According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), there are 6,606 colleges that include 2- and 4-year institutions. If we only consider 4-year institutions, there are 2,832 institutions according to NCES. Therefore, it would be an extensive search looking for colleges where a student must spend their precious time and money. Guiding students to find their colleges is our goal. When students find a rightful college where they acquire different knowledges for their future careers.

1. Reach, Match, Safety School List
2. Make necessary adjustments according to G.P.A, SAT I, SAT II, or ACT, and AP scores
3. Make the Final List for Common Application, Universal College Application, Coalition Application, ApplyTexas, UC Application
5. Application Submission and Follow Ups
6. Final Decision Counseling
7. Guding though the College Systems

Application Essay Counseling


It is the core of all counseling processes. It is like a face where admissions officers look first. They want to know the students, not just from the statistics. Of course, the numbers are important factors in the admissions process; however, the application must show who the student is without looking at the face. Plus, the essay must be unique; therefore, JMD Counseling helps students find their unique stories that could leave strong application summaries for admissions officers. Therefore, JMD Counseling spends an extensive amount of time with students for essay counseling to produce their essays that could move the hearts of the admissions officers.

1. Understanding Essay Topics
2. Brainstroming for the Topics
3. Organizing Thoughs
4. Essay Counseling for the Content and Context
5. Finalizing the Essays

Recommendation Letter Counseling


It is crucial to get excellent recommendation letters; however, students do not have access to the letters so that they don’t know the context of the letters. Therefore, students need to make wise decisions to ask teachers for recommendation letters. Some schools have forms to fill out so that teachers would have much information about students. If schools don’t have forms, students must find ways to inform recommenders. JMD Counseling does assist students in filling out the forms and help them to find ways to inform their recommenders.

G.P.A. Counseling


Currently, none of the students are free from online courses. Some schools might reopen to have face-to-face classes; however, most schools would offer online courses for the sake of their students. Students might have trouble studying under the online setting, so it would be a wise choice to get some help with their homework and assignments. Plus, students might need help on their quizzes and/or exams; therefore, JMD Counseling provides an online-course assistant program that helps students study the right materials for their school subjects.

College Application Counseling Process

  • Input Student Information
  • G.P.A., Extracurricular Activities, Volunteer, Internship, etc. JMD Counseling gathers student information to analyze and organize it in a proper way for understanding the student.
  • SSAA
  • It is the core of JMD Counseling. We also provide a MAP Growth Test so that we could evaluate a student's academic performance. Plus, we have our own testing called “Cognitive Function Ability (C.F.A.)” Test to analyze a student's academic strengths and weaknesses.
  • Building Resume
  • JMD Counseling evaluates in- and out- of-school activities to recommend rightful activities. Too many activities might seem as unorganized, and also too few activities might seem as effortless. Balance is the key to everything. JMD Counseling finds a way to balance the activities so that our students become highly competitive applicants.
  • Counsel Parents
  • JMD Counseling listens to students and parents before making the final college list. A college is a place where students grow to become producers and leaders; therefore, choosing the right colleges could make different life paths. JMD Counseling does make every effort to guide students and parents for making the proper selection.
    * Further Questions on Counseling Process, please call 02-512-5297 (JAYS)